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Busy agents in simultaneous hunt group should ring more than 6 times.

Currently, our system is configured to handle incoming calls through hunt groups efficiently. However, during testing and regular usage, we've noticed a specific scenario where the system could be improved.

This will assist with offices with limited manpower to handle calls before they drop

In our setup, when a phone is already engaged in a call, incoming calls to the hunt group are skipped on that device and continue ringing on other available devices. While this behavior ensures that incoming calls are directed to available agents, there are instances where it would be beneficial for all phones to ring simultaneously, regardless of whether they are already on a call.

Therefore, I propose the implementation of a feature that allows administrators the option to override the default call handling behavior. Specifically, an option should be provided that enables all phones within a hunt group to ring simultaneously, even if they are currently in active calls. This would ensure that no incoming calls are missed, providing a seamless experience for both callers and agents.

By incorporating this feature, our system would become more flexible and adaptable to various operational needs. It would empower administrators to tailor the call handling process according to specific requirements, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and responsiveness of our communication infrastructure.

I believe that implementing this feature would be a valuable addition to our phone system and greatly improve the user experience for both our team and our clients.

  • Mar 25 2024
  • Need more info
  • Anthony Fabrizio commented
    22 Apr 01:02pm

    To enable this functionality, you'd typically have to purchase additional lines for each hunt group. However, a more convenient solution would be to implement a feature in the backend allowing the admin to override the default call handling settings. For instance, they could set it to allow calls to continue even after 6 rings when the user is already on a call. Alternatively, they could empower admins to adjust the number of rings before a call redirects from an active user. The answer shouldn't be to purchase additional lines in order to correct this issue.

  • Admin
    Sanjay Sinha commented
    20 Apr 07:24am

    You can do that today by configuring a second line to the user in hunt group and making that line part of hunt group.
    Please let me know why that does not work