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Motion detection with camera

This is the enhancement to the wake-up functionality of the endpoint. Our goal is to have the system activate and power on the monitors specifically in response to the presence of people entering the room, rather than being triggered by general motion as currently detected by the ultrasound technology.

The rationale behind this request is to ensure that the system becomes active only when necessary—that is, when there are individuals in the room who will actually engage with the displayed content. We have found that the current ultrasound-based motion detection is overly sensitive and can lead to the monitors waking up without a meaningful reason, such as when no one is present to view the screens. This does not align with our desire for efficiency and energy conservation, as we aim to avoid unnecessary power consumption by the monitors, which we've noted can account for a significant amount of energy usage—over 150 watts for two displays.

Shift the wake-up trigger from ultrasound-based motion detection to camera-based occupancy detection. This ensures the system wakes up only when people are present in the room.

Maintain the camera in an active state to continuously gather occupancy data, which is essential for room usage analytics and further enhances the room's energy management strategy.

Address the current sensitivity issue with ultrasound motion detection, which is not meeting our expectations for smart power management.

We believe that incorporating camera-based occupancy detection for wake-up triggers will significantly enhance the system's user experience and energy efficiency. By ensuring that monitors are activated only when their use is warranted, we can achieve a more sustainable operation and reduce the environmental impact of our technology infrastructure.

  • Evgenii Fedotov
  • Apr 8 2024