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API - Get Subscription Status/Details

As a developer who automates tasks, it would be great to know the status of license subscriptions.

Today, I can iterate over all the clients we have and get their license details via /v1/licenses?orgId={orgId}. In the response payload, a subcriptionId is returned. Ideally, a new Boolean field would be added to this response payload. Something like "expired": false. This way I can determine if I include this subscription quantities in my reports or omit them if the licenses/subscription has expired.

If the payload was "expired": true, then perhaps an update to /v1/partner/tags/organizations/{orgId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId} wherein this endpoint would also be updated to have the Boolean value "expired" and if expired is true, then have a second field returned for "expiredDate". This expiredDate field would have a value of the date (YYYY-MM-DD) that the subscription expired.

Thanks for your consideration!

  • Rob Whitlatch
  • Apr 8 2024
  • David Wynn II commented
    9 Apr 12:49pm

    To clarify, I think having the expired date included in the response payload, expired or not expired, would really help with downstream process automation

  • David Wynn II commented
    9 Apr 12:45pm

    I agree, this would be a helpful feature