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Enhance screen capture actions in an ongoing conversation


It's going to be very nice if we have ability to right or double-click for "screen-capture" and take following actions in an ongoing conversations:

Save as: If your buddy send a screen capture to you, it's not possible to save it locally. We should be able to right-click onto screen-capture save anywhere we want.

Forward: Sometimes we need to forward screen-captures to our colleagues or pchat rooms. Today, we take another screenshot from a screen-capture to forward which is not UX centric. It will be really useful to speed-up conversations.

Double-click and Enlarge: When you receive a picture (via the file-transfer), you can double-click to inline image to view it larger. However, it's not possible for screen-captures which sometimes forces us to use Jabber conversation window as full-screen. Because Jabber conversation window keeps screen-capture with original size that causes us not to see some part of it sometimes.


  • Guest
  • Nov 5 2020
  • Not likely to implement