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Ability to interrupt a call at *33[Barge-In]

Regarding the Barge-in feature in *33, I would like to be able to select that if the person on the original call hangs up while the call is being interrupted, the interrupted call leg will also be automatically disconnected.

  1. CustomerA---->employeeA <----[Barge]----EmployeeB

  2. CustomerA Disconnect Call

  3. employeeA <----[Barge]----EmployeeB *

  4. Disconnect the Barge-in call manually *

Once the customer disconnects the call, EmployeeB, who is barge-in, is not required to stay on the call with EmployeeA any longer. Although, EmployeeA or B does need to manually disconnect the interrupted call. On the other hand, with #82 and #85, if the customer hangs up, the call on the monitoring side is disconnected. (really need *steps?)

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  • Apr 24 2024
  • Need more info
  • Admin
    Sanjay Sinha commented
    3 Jun 04:27am

    When the original call hangs up, the Barge attempt fails. The user that is attempting to barge in gets an re-order tone.
    What is the ask in this ticket ?