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EASY Cisco Jabber Webexconnect authentication control

I would REALLY love to see a control, with a consistent experience across all client platforms, that allows the EASY control of client Webexconnect authentication. I think the fact that the Jabber client has this draconian edict to always try Webexconnect authentication without an easy way to turn it off is really a poor experience.The very specific customer scenario I'm speaking to is the customer who has CMR (Webex cloud) and for one reason or another, also had their domain provisioned with Webexconnect. Then this customer deploys on-prem IM and Presence and Expressway for MRA.Everything is GREAT, until the customer's Jabber client's won't login over MRA; only to discover its because the Jabber client "automatically" looks for the authentication domain on Webexconnect, and since it found it in this case, attempted to login there and failed, but didn't move on to the next authentication method.The traditional fixes (as supported by Cisco):- Call Webex support and have them decommission the Webexconnect domain While I agree this would be the best solution, I'm going to assume the person who suggested this has never contacted Webex Support before. In the best scenario, it takes FOREVER for them to do it (1-2 weeks has been my average). In the worst scenario, it takes several escalations before they understand what you're talking about, then you have to involve the AM .... THEN, it takes 1-2 weeks.- For desktop clients, create an entry in jabber-config.xml to exclude the lookup That's great, if my client has joined on the inside of the network first but what if they are remote and joining via MRA for the first time (which means they wouldn't have previously had that jabber-config.xml file downloaded)? Pause .... wait a minute while I spend eons on the phone with users trying to explain how to override the local cache or come up with some absure deployment strategy to push local config overrides.- For mobile clients the fix is even more absurd. Create a provisioning app trigger link that you have to click on from each device with the Jabber application installed on it For iPhones, you can send it in an email, Androids don't like doing that though - so you need to host it as a web page somewhere the android clients can browse to it and click it from there.NONE of these are great, good or even reasonable fixes and in my opinion, is one of THE largest black eyes of the product. Why can I not have a simple toggle right out in front on the client; Webexconnect Login Yes | No

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  • Nov 6 2020
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