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Jabber Pictures from AD , over Edge

This really needs to be fixed, so that when and android / iphone is outside it can still get profile pictures, we have implemented a https app that does this and then have jabber-config.xml substitute the path towards this websource.i.e. Web app pulls samacount/picture from AD then just populates a url with http://photoapp/username.jpg..but really this should be done by cisco on Cucm or Expressway.

Basically I don't think this is a too complex task. There is already a connection from MRA clients via Expressway Edge & Core to the internal network, so we can expect that the client can reach the internal servers via a secure channel. It "just" needs to be added some sort of http proxy function that tunnels requests for contact photos via this secure channel to the internal network and have either the Expressway Core or IM&P servers fetch those photos for the clients and send them via that secure channel to the MRA client. But as I do not know the internal details of Expressway, feel free to correct me...

  • Hafthor Hilmarsson
  • Nov 6 2020
  • Will not implement
  • Admin
    Jefferson Lu commented
    25 Jan, 2021 06:31am

    This is against current design for Jabber pictures. Would suggest to migrate to Webex App for rich user picture features.