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Event Center - Ability for Host to Manage Panelist(s) in Practice Session While Co-Host Manages Attendees in Live Session

It would be ideal to allow the host to go between a practice session and live session or at least have the ability to select a panelist(s) (i.e., a co-host(?) to remain in the live sessions so they can communicate with the attendees.

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  • May 20 2020
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  • Guest commented
    6 Jun, 2022 04:51pm

    Agree. It would be nice to have the ability to have an attendee-facing cohost be able to interact with attendees while the host and other presenters were still in the practice session, ironing out last minute details.

  • Derek Diget commented
    17 Dec, 2021 12:01am

    How about the following description:

    I explain Webex Events (classic, new, or Webinars) using a theater analogy. So, attendees are out in the theater with the house lights down/off (muted/their video off in Webex). Panelist (so included hosts and cohosts) are on the stage with it lighted (audio and their video may be "on" in Webex). When they go into a practice sessions the (sound proof) stage curtain closes so the attendees can't hear or see what is happening behind it on the stage.

    What I think the original requester is looking for is to have a panelist (most likely a host/cohost) be able to step in front of the stage curtain with their audio and video "on" so they can give updates/instructions to the attendees all while the rest of the panelists are still behind the stage curtain (in the practice session). The panelist can go back and forth - in front of and behind the stage curtain as needed while the practice session is in progress.

    Besides the use of this feature at the beginning of events it could be used, say, during long events were there are 5 or 10 minutes breaks. So, the first topics ends, go into practice session for 10 minutes, 1 minute or so before the event is "called back into order", the panelist steps out in from of the "curtain" and remind folks that they are about to start again. Repeat as needed. Then it could be also used at the end of the event. For example the invited speakers are done, Q&A is done so they go into practice session while a panelist stays in front of the "curtain" to thank folks for attending, how to contact the presenter(s) post-event, reminding them of the post event survey, etc.

    If this were to require a new role, the first title I think of is emcee (or MC - Master of Ceremonies) or compère.

  • Dave Smith commented
    10 Oct, 2020 11:16pm

    This enhancement would greatly help events to get off to a smooth start. Attendees should know they are at the right event, be able to view instructions that will help them get the most from the session and be kept informed of when the event will start. Those organising and presenting events often have unexpected developments to content with - speakers joining late, delayed start to wait for attendees, changes to running order etc - so very hand to be able to have hosts / cohosts manage these different aspects of the event as suggested.

  • Guest commented
    31 Aug, 2020 09:34pm

    It does not really matter as to the type of event. It would be ideal to have the ability to have the host remain in the practice session with the panelist(s) to handle logistics and a co-host can remain in the live session to attend to the participants questions/needs as they join the event. I hope that clarifies this matter. I revised the topic.

  • Sanjay Khanna commented
    19 Aug, 2020 04:37am

    Please describe the need in more detail. What kind of events are you doing? Please give an example of scenario where this functionality will help.

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