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Option to log user in/out of hunt groups automatically when changing presence status

Could you add a jabber config option for automatically logging the user in/out of their hunt groups when they switch their presence status between green and red (and yellow?). If you set yourself to red (DND) then you obviously don't want or cannot take any calls so it should log you out of your hunt groups when switching between presence states. The reason behind this is, if everyone in a line group has their status set to red and therefore is not able to take a call, then the call flow should skip that entire line group and move immediately to the next line group in the hunt list - otherwise the caller is held waiting for the line-group to timeout when no one can answer the call anyway. This would improve our customers satisfaction greatly because they can get answered sooner in those situations where everyone in a group is on lunch or away for example. If your line group algorithm inst set to broadcast then it is even worse. Imagine you are using top down, and then first person in the line group has gone to a meeting for an hour and has set their presence to Red (DND). Every customer that calls then has to wait for this users timeout before attempting the next person.

When the user switches back to green (available) status the user should then be logged back into their hunt groups.
As for the yellow (busy/away) status - this could go either way so you could provide a config for this aswell, (choose between log in, log out, do nothing).
We try to train our users to set their presence AND set their hunt group status, but hardly anyone does it.
I think this would be a massively valuable feature for customer satisfaction that I'm surprised doesn't already exist. It might not be for everyone though so it would be an ideal candidate to be able to turn on and off via the Jabber config.

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  • Nov 6 2020
  • Will not implement