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Remove the term "Practice Session" from Event Center

This yellow banner across the top of the page that reads "Cisco Webex Event (Practice Session)" is just awkward. I would prefer to have my own welcome slide so I do not care for any help in this area from Webex.

I am actually okay with the yellow banner being there as an indicator but it needs to be called something different.

Cisco Webex Event - [Event Title] - [Event Date and Time]

Example below:

Cisco Webex Event - Legal Strategies in 2020 - May 20, 2020 - 12:00 PM EDT

Another option: Just add a Lobby area for the attendees to wait until the meeting goes live. For example, there is a web meeting platform that we use where our attendees would join with a welcome and indicates that they are in the lobby and displays countdown until event start time. This appears while the presenters/panelist are in their subconference session preparing for the live event. There are many conferencing platforms that have had this in place for years.

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  • May 21 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Kirsten Hite commented
    6 Jun, 2022 04:49pm

    Agreed. It doesn't sound professional to call it a "practice" session.

  • Dave Smith commented
    10 Oct, 2020 10:56pm

    Surely a fairly minor changes like this can be given priority soon as the current functionality tarnishes an otherwise capable platform. Being able to prepare in private chairs/speakers for events that are about to start is often essential so why make things so confusing for attendees when a 'Practice Session' is underway. At the very least let this text be configurable per event or even better provide some standard templates to choose from with a timer that counts down to the event start time and then display something like 'Event starting soon'. Would be such an improvement.

  • Steven Lengua commented
    1 Jun, 2020 06:13pm

    Yes, this is bad. I jumped on a webinar being performed by Cisco and came into an event with a blank screen and a note above that the panelists were in a practice session. Just looks bad and unready. Why can't a waiting room with a splash screen just be shown? Or just a splash screen that says X event will start soon.

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