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UCCX/UCCE Finesse add support for shared lines

Contact center Agent should have all base capabilities as other corporate users. Today most users have a deskphone (with or without extension mobility) a jabber softphone and even video endpoint (DX80 for example). In this case all devices shared the same extension. Jabber softphone is the best solution for remote agent worker but deskphone better inside the office (already too many windows on agent screen). So contact center agent need to have multiple device and shared lines. Like Jabber Windows in Deskphone control allow to control extension on any device including shared lines, UCCX/UCCE Agent should have this feature too. I suggest the same implementation as Jabber Windows : on Finesse Desktop Login screen, add an dropdown list showing all CUCM registered devices containing this agent extension. If a single device is found, select it automatically otherwise, User will select manually device he need to control. After this, Finesse ask UCCX/UCCE to send JTAPI register request on "extension+deviceName" (instead of only extension).Thanks,

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  • Nov 6 2020
  • Planned