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LDAP Strip Characters OR Fix Corp Directory

Feature request to allowLDAP ( Strip / Prefix /Suffix ) Characters
Reprogram the Corp Directory compatibility to ignore specialcharacters like Paren, Spaces, Dashes, Periods.
Our HR Department wants all Telephone #'s in LDAP to have parenthesis and dashes.
When imported into CUCM, shows up fine in the directory, however Native Presence doesn't work unless it perfectly matches how the phone is registered, with no spaces or special characters.
LDAP = +1(555) 678-1234
The # above in AD has a space,dashes, and parenthesis,so it will not dial the user when selected in the phone directory, nor will it show Native Presence, as it doesn't perfectly match what is registered in Call Manager.
So either have a way to create a Strip characters option for LDAP import, like comma delimited below:
strip = (,), ,-,. Left Paren, Right Paren, Space, Dash, and Period
Resulting in +15556781234 in the directory, which Dials perfectly, and Native Presence works as expected. Call Manager understands the Plus sign, but not parenthesis, spaces, or dashes.
Program the Corp Directory toignore Dashes, Periods, Parenthesis, Spaces, etc, and allow it to not only DIAL the Number, but native presence should work as expected.

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  • Nov 6 2020
  • Will not implement