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Display NO TFTP Server on Phone or Server

Scenario: Desktop Support moves a phone to a port with the wrong VLan infomation and no option 150, and phone still registers, even on a port with a trunk config for an access point.
A phone that initially registers successfully, and then is moved to another port without option 150 for TFTP, the 8800 phone has the ability to use a pre-stored config and still Register with CUCM.
I am not sure what other model phones have this capability, but the Cons out-weigh the Pros.
P1 - The user is not impacted and has a working phone registered with CUCM.
C1 - Any CUCM phone config changes, phone resets, tries to get config and fails, but does register.
C2 - Any Firmware changes to the Phone would fail.
C3 - Any wallpaper changes to the phone would fail.
C4 - MOH, CUCM Group updates, would fail.
C5 - Phone URLs, Buttons - Messages, Directories, Services, would fail.
C6 - Trust lists and CTL port information updates would fail.
C7 - And any and all TFTP things I am not thinking of would fail.
Seems that the PHONE knows using TFTPCfgStatus
TFTPCfgStatus = 3 Phone did NOT receive a TFTP server from DHCP.
TFTPCfgStatus = 1 Phone successfull TFTP option via DHCP.
Use this Status to put a Red Bar like DND or Stop Registration with an OK button or something so that someone knows the phone is working in a pre-config state and connected to a non voice configured port.
Just because CUCM shows the phone is registered is not necessarily a good thing. Maybe is should say Partial-Register like when it doesn't have a side car and is configured for one.
Maybe its time to even allow a TFTP server option to be added to the device pool, so that if a Phone does manage to register, the Subscriber then tells the phone what TFTP information it needs to know.


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  • Nov 6 2020
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    27 Sep, 2021 04:11pm

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    23 Feb, 2021 03:54pm

    A related scenario I experience often, at least recently, on the 7841 phones -- is when a phone does not fully register because of a AAA port security issue on the network. Happens often when a switch's port-security timer resets on the switch, especially after a network outage. Some phones will automatically rediscover the network and register without issue. But others get caught mid-boot-up and remain spinning on "Network Unavailable" even when the network is truly being seen by the phone (i.e. correct vlan info and phone's MAC is seen on CDP at the switch port), but is just being denied for security credentials to re-authenticate the device. It would be great to have a phone screen message similar to Joe's request above -- like 'Partial-Registration' or similar -- and have this Partial Registration also reflected to the CUCM status column (where you currently see Registered, Unregistered or None), and be able to sort on that status.