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KEEP the CP-8831 Conf Phone, EOL 2019 ?

I just noticed the Cisco 8831 Conference phone is now EOL as of 2019.

Please do NOT get rid of this phone, it is the best Cisco conference room phone Design yet, and far exceeds the replacement design of the 8832 bringing keypad back onto base.

Pros of 8831:
1) Keypad separate from base, allows it to move to both sides of the table.
2) Speaker button on keypad with soft keys, very similar to 8841 design, and easy to use.
3) Mute button on keypad, allowing host to hit mute, and base in middle allows mute from other side of table as well.
4) Keypad prevents the base from being yanked on, resulting in broken and worn ethernet or power cables.
5) Executive conference rooms need to look neat / clean. Cabling ran across the table is an eye sore, and not acceptable to Management. The 8831 allows for the base to never move, hiding cabling below the hole in table.
6) Base never moves, allowing cabling on corded microphones to be below the table, making install nice and neat.
7) Daisy chain cabling can be hidden below the table, and only the base is on top, which needs to never move.
8) Extra long 18 feet daisy chain cable, allows for long hidden under table cable runs, and placement of 2nd base where needed.

Cons of 8832:
1) Keypad back on base ? Bad design.
2) NO Speaker Phone button? Every single Cisco phone is history has a speaker phone button on bottom. Veteran employees could not figure out how to get dial tone, not knowing you have to hit the New Call softkey, assuming that's not pushed to the last page on the template.
3) CABLING? What a messy install having cords run across our executive marble or high gloss cherry conference table.
4) Nobody can reach the center of the table to make a call, so the base must be yanked or dragged to one side or the other, which now requires additional cabling to be looped and hung under the table allowing slack. A thick USB-C cable with multiple MIC cables being yanked back and forth across the conf table.
5) After dialing, now the base is on one side of the table, not the middle, reducing mic efficiency.
6) People on the other side of the table, can no longer reach the mute button on the base, since it was drug to the other side.
6) External MIC cabling ran under the table is now very limited on length, since it has to plug into base also, and is being yanked on and moved constantly, resulting is breaks from constantly being pulled and bent.
7) Constantly dragging the base, which pulls on the external mics too, could result in scratching the high gloss conf room table.
8) Daisy chain cabling is not as long as the 8831 cable at 18 feet.
9) Management didn't like the esthetic look of the 8832, saying it wasn't a pleasing as the 8831.

The PoE injector on the 8832 with the USB-C cable was a good idea, but taking away the remote keypad was a bad idea.
Having MRA on the 8832 good also, but fix the 8831 to do the same with a new firmware.

Please bring back the 8831 design and do not EOL.

CUCM, Gotta Love It !

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  • Nov 7 2020
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