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Include search for Alternate Extension in Cisco Unity Connection

Assist Administrators in troubleshooting Better documentation.

When conducting a search for users in CUC you should also be able to support searching Alternate Extensions.Search fields should be Extension or Alternate Extension to include a wider search area for diagnosing issues.

I agree that this would be helpful. The original unity would at least tell you who owned the extension when it was in use.I use CUDLI to find them now. The below query works well:This query returns a user associated with an extension or alternate extension. Connect to UnityDIRDB1. Select vw_subscriber.Alias,tbl_dtmfaccessid.dtmfaccessid,tbl_dtmfaccessid.idindexFrom vw_subscriber, tbl_dtmfaccessidwhere tbl_dtmfaccessid.dtmfaccessid = 'XXXXXXXXXX' and tbl_dtmfaccessid.Parent_GlobalUserObjectId=vw_subscriber.objectidIDINDEX field determines extension type:IdIndexData Type: intLength: 4Description: An index into the alternate extensions for a subscriber.Notes: Differentiates extensions for a single user. This column replaces the "Alias" column in Cisco Unity Connection 4.0. as an index into a subscriber alternate extension.Cisco Unity Connection allows a subscriber to have 9 administrator specified alternate extensions and 5 subscriber defined (if allowed by COS) alternate extensions. A particular alternate extension can be located in this table by using the IdIndex. Non alternate extensions (subscriber primary, distribution list, location, etc.) have an IdIndex containing a value of 0.Admin-defined alternate extensions utilize the range of 1-10. User-defined alternate extensions utilize the range of 11-20.

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  • Nov 7 2020
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