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Wireless Touch 10

Customers with Nice Board Room's are currently hiding the Touch 10 in a side Drawer out of sight when there is no meeting. They do not want to drill a hole in the Table nor have a cable running across the floor.
Would like to see an option for a Touch 10W which would be wireless with a docking station to charge the battery.
Can see this as a want for several customers in my area. with a couple of them willing to purchase multiple units for their different rooms.
For units connected either to Cloud or registered to CUCM.

  • Richard Messinger
  • Nov 7 2020
  • Not likely to implement
  • M A commented
    23 Feb 06:56am

    I'm sorry Cisco, I mean no disrespect, but this HAS to be in your plan. And not just for touch 10, for any touch control tablet that you have to any products.

    Juan Gallardo in this topic mentioned one reason why you are not implementing it "A wireless device will need to be recharged. The user that comes in for a meeting won't remember to put it to charge after he/she finishes, then, who will be paying attention for this wireless device to have batteries".

    But to me this is not what you should be worried about. This is your customer (me, anybody in this portal) doing the user training for their organization.

    I mean guys, look at crestron. They have wireless touch controls for years with charging station/dock. It was never an inconvenience for our users using crestron.

    All of our office users are complaining about cisco boards having un-needed wire (and comparing them to crestron) to which they can firstly trip on, secondly it is just ugly, thirdly it is hard to fold it, fourthly the wires themselves are inconsistent in the design and nobody likes them.

    Crestron wireless touch controls have great battery life and even if the device is out of charge, it is matter of seconds to place it on the charging dock for it to turn on and regain room control capabilities.