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Additional Admin Call Control - Webex Teams and Devices

While I understand Control Hub is not intended to be a fully-featured call control platform for Teams and Webex-registered devices, some basic call control for video, SIP URI and Webex Teams calling would be very useful. Today, we cannot administratively:

Control inbound calls from external parties to specific devices (SIP URI or external Teams users)
Control outbound SIP URI or Webex Teams voice or video calls to external parties (SIP or Teams Users)
Control any calls by external domain, or other claimed domains within our CH instance

Again, I realize CH and Teams were not originally meant to have the same level of granularity as Expressway-registered premise devices, but some categorical control is a common request. In large enterprise deployment scenarios, some basic control as outlined above would be very useful; this is one of the big reasons there has been little adoption of cloud-registered devices and, honestly, Teams in general as a go-forward video platform to complement (or even eventually replace) our premise-registered video endpoints, and also has severely limited the adoption of Webex Teams as a replacement for Jabber for video-enabled user personas.Thank you!

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  • Nov 7 2020
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