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wireless Touch 10 + Bluetooth

1. make the "Touch 10" wireless (BT or something proprietary)

2. add Bluetooth-features to make make it a remote-presenter-device (when someone is presenting from Notebook/Tablet etc.)
make it possible to click through powerpoint-slides or draw on screens without touch-feature (e.g. Room kit connected to a big Screen).

  • Guest
  • May 26 2020
  • Not likely to implement
  • Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2020 03:07pm

    I agree, room users are likely to not remember to charge wireless devices or change batteries. Perhaps a wired Touch10 is still required for a room but a wireless device is available as a secondary panel.

    Alternatively, is a virtual Touch10 interface feasible? I see basic room controls are available in Webex Teams when paired with the room but features like wired source sharing, layout control, camera control, etc still require the Touch10.

  • Juan Gallardo commented
    3 Sep, 2020 02:45pm

    This has been asked in the past, and the reason why we don't go this way is because we need to make sure customers come into a room at that there's a device they can use to control the device. A wireless device will need to be recharged. The user that comes in for a meeting won't remember to put it to charge after he/she finishes, then, who will be paying attention for this wireless device to have batteries. And imagine an important person comes into the room and the device is out of batteries?
    We have thought about having big pads on the boards to charge the device, we ave thought about a cable that people can connect in case of low battery... but we still think we will have too many cases of a unusable room because of misplacement of the T10 running out of batteries