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Desk Pro - Full calling for Bluetooth Connected Cell Phone


I like how I can pair my phone to the desk pro and listen to some music, but what would be ideal and more practical is if I could pair my phone to the desk pro and take calls on the device.

To be able to make use of the high quality audio on the desk pro while using my cell phone would be great.

In theory, if a desk pro can pass outgoing and incoming audio to a bluetooth headset, then surely this same concept could support a cell phone connected in a similar manner.

If the Desk Pro could also recognize we're in a call, similar to USB Passthough, and put on Do Not Disturb by default, that would be great.

If call controls like keypad, hold, and end call could be enabled, that would be superb.

P.S. on the subject of controls, I mean if you go forward and build this into the desk pro a play, pause, and track control buttons could be added to UI when listening to some tunes, that would be cool too :)

  • robert mcgonigle jr
  • Nov 10 2020
  • Need more info