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Allow the meeting owner to manage a presentation clock/timer to keep meetings on schedule

Meetings often go off topic and you always have certain people who beat dead horses, over-analyze, filibuster, and otherwise spend too much time speaking. The introduction of a presentation timer keeps agenda items on time and the participants are treated more fair. There's no "let Steve continue because he's the boss." Everyone gets the allotted time for their agenda item. It has the additional benefit of training people to better prepare for their allotted time so that even in meetings without timers, they are better at managing their meeting time. Also - the meeting owner should be able to choose between an audible buzzer or silent. The buzzer should have a few options - from polite to down-right rude/obnoxious for the more whimsical folks.

  • Guest
  • May 28 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    10 Mar 01:28pm

    We really need this at ADP! Please help!

  • Guest commented
    9 Mar 03:20pm

    This seems so simple... other meeting tools have this. Why has Cisco not implemented something that would be very beneficial?

  • Guest commented
    9 Feb 01:31pm

    It should be nice to show a timer when someone is talking.

  • Alexis de Peufeilhoux commented
    20 Jan 03:02pm

    it should be possible to restart the timer for individual presentations along the meeting agenda

  • Maurice Ruelens commented
    12 Nov, 2021 06:22pm

    I can't believe that Cisco still hasn't added this feature!!! Of course you can do this in Zoom with an app. Just another reason to dump WebEx!!!!

  • Marissa Long commented
    8 Nov, 2021 02:16pm

    Has this been implemented yet?!?

  • Guest commented
    20 Oct, 2021 08:29pm

    Agree, when meetings have multiple presentations that have a limited time to present, it would be great to have an onscreen timer to keep everyone on track.

  • Guest commented
    20 Oct, 2021 05:01pm

    This seems a MUST. Please implement... !

  • Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2021 02:08am

    I want this too

  • Michael Debono commented
    14 Apr, 2021 09:10am

    An absolutely good idea! not only for guests who present, but for actual teachers who use webex for online lessons and go beyond the time allotted for their lesson!

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