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The customer would like to allow the usage of a different key for the “hold to speak” feature using Microsoft Windows OS.

The customer contacted Cloud Collab TAC & Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) for this issue.

The customer would like to allow the usage of a different key for the “hold to speak/unmute” feature using Microsoft Windows OS. Currently is being used the spacebar.

In Microsoft Windows, if some Window or dialog's UI element (such as button, radio button) has focus, pressing the Space bar/key can simulate mouse left-click on it. Currently, WebEx Meetings Desktop App kept such design.

The customer stated the next:

"The problem here is that as a user I don’t read every last word of documentation, the hover-over tooltip told me I could use the spacebar to unmute so I was using this to mute and unmute and it was working great. Then during an interview I pressed the spacebar, nothing happened so I tapped again and boom, my desktop shared the interview notes I was taking of the candidate. This was very very unexpected. Whether the documentation states that a long press is required I shared company data by accident.

This is a problem as a user cannot expect the focus to change and for the spacebar to execute the last GUI action."

  • Daniel Padilla Esquivel
  • Jan 30 2021
  • Future consideration