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Hide Non Video Participants

With the video centric layouts, many times we find ourselves in a situation where a meeting with 50+ people are being displayed as a group of grey boxes as many participants chose to not stream the video.

This also greatly diminished the Devices experience as the conference room is expecting to see the video participants.

I would like to see the capability in the Meeting app, as well as on the Touch 10 / Devices, to hide all non video participants. Or if not completely hidden, grouped into one active audio speaker box so the name still shows when they do speak up.

  • Mike Brezicky
  • May 4 2020
  • Planned
  • Daniel Stabel commented
    5 Oct, 2023 11:26am

    this feature is implemented since a while for cloud-registered devices (
    for not cloud-registered devices DTMF Command "#5" may be helpful (

  • Guest commented
    30 Jan, 2023 09:23pm

    For the hardware like Cisco codecs, receiving multiple streams, we should have an option to TAG/MARK interesting Video participants, hide non Video ones, or follow what host of the meeting is doing (locking the video). I wonder why this wasn't implemented yet for codecs (only for the Webex APP) - when the reported ideas are from 2020.

  • Maidie Golan commented
    27 Dec, 2022 07:22pm

    For me, the critical functionality is the ability to hide non-video participants in Webex recordings. I have watched many Webex recordings where the screen is full of gray boxes/names - a very poor viewer experience. If this functionality has been activated, I would appreciate that info!

  • Clayton Corey commented
    6 Dec, 2022 04:10pm

    I must open meetings on my iPad in addition to the Webex Desk Pro just to see video participants. It would be great to see this feature released soon.

  • Zachary Mohney commented
    15 Jun, 2022 06:23pm

    this is a really critical feature that needs to be added to the Room/Desk series devices so we have consistent experiences for all users regardless of connections.

  • Clayton Corey commented
    10 Mar, 2022 07:17pm

    Yes, please make this feature available. There is little value in seeing empty boxes when more video participants are hiding in the backgroud.

  • Holger Herb commented
    14 Dec, 2021 12:16pm

    As well relevant for political entities like parliaments. Very often meeting and debates held virutally with appropriate projection based on video devices. Hence to see lot of grey fields is not encouraging people.

  • Guest commented
    27 Apr, 2021 03:40pm

    I'm a software trainer and I HATE the box that blocks my screen. I even move it to my second monitor but it's still there, my initials in a box covering the software I'm teaching.

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2021 04:48am

    its stupid having a box there when there isnt any transmission of video but taking up a space on the screen. there should be an option to turn off that box since its not using just like how chat is.

    it should be chatbox to appear constant if really needed.

  • David Enterprise commented
    12 Mar, 2021 01:37pm

    as host of a Webex Event I would like to able to hide a panelist who has video off (hide non video participants which is currently greyed out in Events).

  • Karen Stevenson commented
    3 Feb, 2021 05:41pm

    The host should be able to turn Hide Non-Participant video for all or make it a default setting as most people don't want to see initials. Participant list will show who is on a meeting or not.

  • Bhupendra Govan commented
    31 Jan, 2021 02:41pm

    When is this scheduled to be released?

  • Bhupendra Govan commented
    28 Nov, 2020 01:57pm

    Current functionality: Non video participants can be hidden. View > Hide non video participants

    Required functionality: Instead of View > "hide non video participants". Default should be display ONLY VIDEO participants and make a change in View > "Unhide non-video participants"

  • Jonathan Watson commented
    14 Oct, 2020 02:31pm

    I need the ability to hide thumbnails when we run events with participants from different organisations - I don't want participants to see one another, nor to see the number of people in the meeting. Really surprised that thumbnails cannot be switched off. This feature is the #1 concern for us - without it, I will have to look at other vendors.

  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2020 11:42pm

    I would like to see priority for video participants over non-video on the second output of a device. This gives confidence to in-room participants that video participants are participating. This would also improve production quality for televised proceedings without showing initials.

  • Guest commented
    21 Sep, 2020 01:45pm

    Users can do this now, but the host should be able to set it for everyone in a meeting.

  • Kim Skelton commented
    16 Jul, 2020 03:13pm

    As host we should have more capabilities to set or adjust the default view dependent on each meeting since their needs vary from meeting to meeting.

  • Bhupendra Govan commented
    18 Jun, 2020 06:54pm

    A MUST in the next release as our users have now pressurising us to switch to Zoom

  • Guest commented
    16 Jun, 2020 03:56pm

    Having the same problems. I share the comment that if you hide a participant list, you shouldn't see thumbnails either. I have spent time looking for a seemingly logical but non-existent host toggle to remove the video thumbnails altogether. Better for layout, use of space, and especially the privacy of invited guests.

  • Jason Bunston commented
    13 Jun, 2020 10:49pm

    Hi - I am requesting this on behalf of Toronto Clerks Secretariat, and Toronto City Council.

    We NEED to be able to choose which thumbnails can be shown or not shown in grid view as it affects the final display for council discussions.

    We are also going through our CRM and Account Exec, but for the record this is a much needed feature for Enterprise customers who need a little more layout nuance.

    Simply having a host toggle option to remove thumbnails form visibility would be wholly sufficient.

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