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Allow screen scaling for super ultra-widescreen monitors

When using a super ultra widescreen (32:9 ratio) the full screen is shared so it appears distorted or small on standard monitors. Please allow us to share just the area/resolution of the application we are sharing

  • Guest
  • Feb 3 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Maximilian Meisel commented
    15 Dec, 2023 02:00pm

    Reviewing the documentation of Webex and screensharing I didn't find an answer to my questions but this request here seems not to be just future consideration anymore seems to be implemented since 17. August 2023|-Share-only-a-portion-of-your-screen

  • Adam Aziz commented
    24 Feb, 2023 08:06am

    this is stupid. Every other platform - Zoom, MS Teams, Skype - all have to capability to scale for ultra wide monitors. Why can't Webex do the same while having Cisco fully supports Hybrid Working.

  • John Sisson commented
    18 Jan, 2023 11:22pm

    I have the same issue on a 49" ultra wide screen.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun, 2022 03:40pm


  • Dean Thompson commented
    20 May, 2022 05:16pm

    We have the same issue 4K 16:9 screens, with space meeting thescreen share resolution is fine but with PMRs it is not good enough.

  • Matt Ankerbrandt commented
    13 Apr, 2022 03:53pm

    Another option that would help resolve the issue is for the user to have the ability to share an individual window, rather than the full application. If I can just share a window of a browser, then the audience should only see that window filled to the max on their side, rather than my entire desktop with only the application being shown.

  • Garret Black commented
    30 Mar, 2022 07:37pm

    Any updates? Becomes more of an issue every day as more users are getting larger and wider monitors

  • Dominic Bussemas commented
    8 Feb, 2022 01:07pm

    any Updates on this? always getting complaints in meetings and have to explain why my shared screen looks so tiny - no fun

  • Yves Andre Thiel commented
    8 Feb, 2022 01:04pm

    PLEASE! We live in 2022

  • Guest commented
    31 Jan, 2022 11:48am

    On a Samsung G9 and this is a true pain. All other video conferencing software supports this!

  • Adam Aziz commented
    30 Jan, 2022 11:26pm

    I have the same isse. Have to resort to video meetings and screen sharing through my laptop screen. I have a Phillips 439P Ultra Wide

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2022 10:20am

    I have Philips PHL 499P9

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2022 10:19am

    works fine in TEAMS

  • Raheel Malik commented
    7 Jan, 2022 03:55am

    This is a killer feature of Zoom.

  • Jonas Heffe commented
    22 Nov, 2021 02:44pm

    I have the same issue on a 49" ultra wide screen..

  • Guest commented
    11 Aug, 2021 11:47am

    I have to split my screen and change resolution for sharing content to appear correctly or else other users will have to zoom in to the shared content. it sucks and if I share my entire screen then they see everythign and have to position their screen to the window i am wanting them to focus on. we need some type of resize setting when sharing windows on ultra-wide screens (49" screen here as well) like split screen sharing where webex auto resizes the individual shared screens to a set size to appear correctly on participants screens.

  • Joseph Fry commented
    3 Aug, 2021 04:39pm

    I think that when sharing an application (not full screen) webex should simply crop to the shared portion. Meaning it should crop everything outside of an imaginary box that contains the shared window(s). Currently it transmits an image the resolution of your monitor with most of it greyed out. This cropping would allow webex to work well with any size/aspect ratio/resolution monitor as the person sharing can just resize their application window to make it comfortable for the viewers.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jul, 2021 12:47am
  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2021 09:27am

    100% on this especially now people are working from home more and ultrawide seem to be all the rage :)

  • Jess Collier commented
    6 Jul, 2021 12:49pm

    Several of my coworkers had to give up their ultrawide screens because of this. It's ridiculous that there isn't capability to deal with this yet - screen sharing is important, and ultrawide screens are getting much more common. Please make this happen, Cisco!

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