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Add Non-User Directory Entries Within Webex

We are an AD-synced, on-prem CUCM org and I need to be able to add dial-by-name entries into our Webex org so our users can locate them. These entries are meant as administrative endpoints - not users but Hunt Groups, reception entries, and other non-person objects that can be searched by their name within the Webex client.

For example we have an administrative group called The Hub that works off of a hunt group. We want our users to be able to search for them by just entering the name - Hub - in the Search field in Webex. Currently the only way we could accomplish that would be to create a "dummy" account in AD that gets fully licensed, configure them for calling in Webex, create a fake device in CUCM with CallFwdAll set to forward to the Hunt Pilot I referenced before. That's a whole lot of configuration, not to mention a license wasted, just for adding an entry to our company directory.

  • James Fischl
  • Feb 8 2021
  • Need more info
  • James Fischl commented
    7 Jan, 2022 03:13pm

    @Junyi Thank you! To answer your questions:

    1. Not exactly. A Hunt Group is a CallManager concept for a single phone number called a Hunt Pilot that in turn can reach out to a group of users (the Hunt Group). However because the Hunt Pilot is not a user it therefore is not searchable in Webex like licensed users are. What I want is the ability to manually create customized entries for the search-by-name directory in Webex without consuming a license so all the users in our org can, for instance, search for The Hub by name and call its hunt pilot. Currently this is not possible.

    2. I would expect searching for The Hub to allow it to be called like any user with a phone number. If the user was configured for IM it would also allow starting a direct IM space with them. I would expect the process of adding one of these custom entries to involve specifying the entry's name, phone number, a photo or icon, and some description information.

  • Junyi Chu commented
    7 Jan, 2022 06:49am

    Hi, this request looks valuable for us to support. Before i move it to backlog to reivew, i have a few quesitons to clarify.

    1. It looks the Hub is a group with mutiple members. So, it woudl be good if Webex can support group name based search?

    2. When a user search out the group e.g., the Hub, what can the user do consequently? is it going to start a meeting? or making a call?