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Auto-designating "Host" and "Co-hosts" Based Solely on Log-In Order is Certifiably Moronic. Just Stop.

I am the lowest-rung junior member of a group that holds two daily meetings, and the absolute last thing I need is for this bugged-up software to automatically label me as "host" or "co-host"... just because I happened to log in first.

What this idiotic little specimen of code leaves would-be participants with is one rotten choice: Log in late, intentionally. I may be way, way off-base here, but a whole lot of people in the workforce tend to frown on people being late. Yet here is this amateurish chunk of coding called WebEx, apparently designed for the specific purpose of inducing late log-ins.

Failing the rocket science that apparently categorizes the separation of these two things - log-in order and designation status - any bright nine-year-old with a working knowledge of BASIC could code a simple selection that would - * bingo * - allow any participant to ditch whatever auto-designated fiction is assigned to him, in favor of something like... hmm... "participant?"

I can't believe I'm even having to spell this out, at a site for software that has pretensions at professional usage.

My level of disgust with WebEx' moronic, inflexible and utterly irrational design has transformed me into someone aggressively advocating for a switch to a different software suite for meetings at this institution. Nobody should have to deal with this kind of amateurish nonsense on a daily basis in a professional setting. Who codes this stuff?

And just don't get me started on the even more buggy audio connection by phone. I don't join a meeting because I like to spend indefinite amounts of time staring at co-workers' names on a list. 'Not a good use of my time. Listening and talking are both pretty important to the whole "meeting" thingy. Just sayin'. So I guess I'll find out what they were talking about later today, when I meet everybody face to face. Again, who codes this stuff?

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  • Feb 11 2021
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  • Wade Hunter commented
    11 Feb, 2021 03:14pm

    These are settings that are configurable by the meeting host or Webex admins - bring it up with them.