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Add ability to setup WebEx meetings before starting them. (Please read)

Webex has features before the meeting starts that allows you to select video and audio options.

Taking this one step further for hosts... offer a way to preset the meeting. Options like layout for all participants.. ability to select presenters, Select your polling questions, Assign Breakout sessions (And participants to join them), Easily select to disable video and mute audio before starting the meeting. BUT, still allow enabling only presenters video and audio.

You can even set up your Customized Welcome screen or play an audio file to greet participants. Along with a visual countdown to meeting time.

Adding.. a check box to bypass all the options to hold a simple meeting where none of this setup is needed.

Having this kind of controllability will make it easier for the host to set up the meeting before people join instead of while the participants join. This will also help each host/meeting look more professional and organized

  • Kim Skelton
  • Feb 16 2021
  • Need more info
  • Kim Skelton commented
    11 Oct, 2023 08:19pm

    Sorry I missed further explaining. Some meetings require more support than others. Having the ability to assign one person to have audio and video before the event would be simpler than setting the meeting to mute on Entry and disable video wish appears to be a global setting. (Hope this makes sense).

    Just thought streamlining or adding ability to make this easier would enhance overall experience.