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Enable the use of Webex Meetings also for confidential meetings in public administrations, thus not storing any personal metadata.

By inviting for a meeting, even the marginal data of a meeting (e.g., name, email address, IP address of the inviter / host and the participants, meeting title - in the following "personal participant data" called) can be strictly confidential from a data protection perspective depending on the context (highest protection requirement!).

  • Such a strictly confidential context may be that a public prosecutor or employees of the Cantonal Social Welfare Office conduct a video conference with a private person. But also in internal contexts, for example when an employee of the administration conducts a video conference with the addiction counseling.

Data protection has a very high priority in a public administration, which is the reason, why cantonal administration needs a way of not storing any personal participant data or personal participant data in general with Cisco at all.

  • This no data-storage as privacy-by-default should either be set by default for the entire site or optionally selectable by the meeting host prior to each meeting - under maybe waiver of supportability.

  • Alternatively, Cisco would need to anonymize the personal participant data of all meeting participants to ensure protection of meeting participants and significantly reduce the retention period for this data.

We hereby request a feature that allows for the optional non-storage of personal participant data in creating, inviting and perform a Webex meeting.

If this is not possible for technical or legal reasons, it must at least be possible to optionally anonymize all personal participant data.

By the way:

These basic data protection requirements are mandatory for the further spread of Cisco Webex Meetings in public administrations at least in German-speaking Europe - but probably throughout Europe.

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  • Feb 16 2021
  • Future consideration