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webex shared lines presence

Fix the presence on shared lines in webex. With shared lines, everyone who has that line goes to busy when anyone else answers the call. For example, an assistant has a shared lines with multiple bosses. When a call comes in for boss 1 and they answer, the assistant's webex client goes busy as well even though the assistant isn't on an actual call. Please fix this.

  • Mihir Shah
  • Mar 15 2021
  • Need more info
  • Guest commented
    6 Nov, 2023 09:07am

    I can also confirm that the RemoteInUserPresencePrimaryLineOnly works inconsistently. In our organization (7000+ employees) each user has his private line as primary line and 50% of them have at least one shared (team) line. When a call is made from the shared line or is placed to the shared line, all users which have this shared line on their deskphone/CSF turn to "On a Call" (in the contact list in Webex). Multi Call Windows does not help the users which are not part of this shared line as for them the whole team is "on a call" and they will wait until all turn "active" again to call them (although almost all of them are free to take calls)

    The parameter helps for some users, for others the problem persists (even after multiple resets of the Webex App).

    If user A places a call from the shared line, other users with that shared line should remain in their current state. If the call is placed to the shared line, only the user that takes the call should change to "on a call". Quite sure this is how it worked with Jabber.

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    27 Oct, 2022 11:57am

    hi there, there are two separate status here: presence status and line status.
    RemoteInUsePresencePrimaryLineOnly is to control the presence status only, and let's assume the value is set to true.

    Example 1:
    If user A's primary line is answered by another shared line user B, then user B's presence status becomes "on-a-call", while user A's primary line becomes remote-in-use line status, hence user A's presence status also becomes "on-a-call".

    On Multi Call window, user A will see that line status is red(remote-in-use), while user A will see that line status is amber(local-in-use).

    Example 2: If user A's secondary line is answered by another shared line user B, then user B's presence status becomes "on-a-call", while user A's primary line is still available line status, hence user A's presence status will still show available.
    On Multi Call window, it's the same as example 1, user A will see that line status is red(remote-in-use), while user A will see that line status is amber(local-in-use).

    Let me know if it's clear now.

    I know it can be improved: not to turn user A into on-a-call in example 1, but I'd like to know how many customers need it(my primary line is a shared line, and the call is answered by someone else).

  • Guest commented
    25 Oct, 2022 07:22pm

    Hello Ryan, my org uses Webex app with UCM calling. We've had inconsistent results with applying RemoteInUsePresencePrimaryLineOnly parameter to jabber-config.xml files. You're saying that the Multi Call Window will alleviate the advertised Presence indication of 'On a call' for a Webex with CSF configured shared line user's primary line when a remote sharer of that line actually has the line in use?

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    25 Oct, 2022 02:46am

    Hi everyone, can you let me know whether you're using Webex app with UCM calling or Webex Calling? As they are different.

    For UCM calling, there's a jabber/webex parameter RemoteInUsePresencePrimaryLineOnly to control this behavior, they can change the value to true. Besides that we strongly recommend those customers to enable the Multi Call Window to address the shared line pains.

    For Webex Calling, the shared line feature is still under development, when we develop the shared line feature, we will also take that into account.

  • Guest commented
    20 Oct, 2022 05:02pm

    Please provide a status on this issue. We have just migrated from Cisco Jabber, and Jabber did not change presence status with shared lines like Webex.

  • Philip Hubinsky commented
    24 Jun, 2022 02:41pm

    I've received multiple complaints about this presence behavior as well.

  • Rose Rivera Arenas commented
    3 Feb, 2022 11:10pm

    Hi Team,

    I have received a case for Organization PROSKAUER ROSE LLP, they have same issue. Is there any update for this feature request? is there an ETA for havinga fix? Any information is highly appreciated.

  • Dustin Wing commented
    8 Jul, 2021 04:15pm

    Any status update on fixing this? Many users in our organization have shared lines but don't want their status/presence updating when they are not on calls.