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domain list should have API to make claiming users easier

When trying to bring home users that have received a free Webex account (because someone just typed their email into a Webex space), that account may reside in a previously not registered domain of your org. Currently there's no API to add that domain to the org domain list and then proceed claiming that user. This should be changed.

  • Kilian Krause
  • Mar 26 2021
  • Kilian Krause commented
    26 Mar, 2021 04:01pm

    To complete the picture a bit:

    1.) Webex [teams] automatically deploys any email address that's not yet known to Webex as account once that's added to any space

    2.) Orgs that have multiple [third level] domains that change at high velocity (e.g. Universities) and that mimic the internal structure of teams, org units and other projects therefore have a substantial number of "shadow accounts" in Webex for the above reason

    3.) Auto-registering any new domain does lack the said API in control hub

    4.) Once such a user (with such shadow account) wants to actively start using Webex, they opt-in (due to GDPR org policy) to the Webex service and expect their account to be created and initialized with our org. This isn't possible because of the free shadow account. Causing the deployment process to error out and send the user to the helpdesk.

    5.) At the helpdesk the user admin tries the manual user claim. And fails, because the domain isn't listed in the org settings. Thus, requests to org admin to add the domain.

    6.) Org admin needs to manually log in to CH (because of lack of API) and add that domain

    7.) As most domains are third level, no extra verification is required.

    8.) User admin can now proceed claiming the user to the org

    9.) User can finally start using Webex as a "regular" org user.

    IMHO this is way to complex from a UI/UX perspective and should be shortened to auto-add the domain in 3.) and if finding that the domain isn't yet added, shortcutting from 5. to 8./9.

    That's why I'm asking for an API to permit implementing this.