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Allow deep zoom of Speaker Track (Quad Cam) to use in camera presets/instead of standard zoom

Hi team, two of my customers are complaining that the deep zoom of the speaker tracking (Quad Cam) cannot be used for the "standard" zoom instead of the main camera. The scenario is always the same: a minister is sitting at the head of the table and wants to be format-filling in the picture. Instead, a large part of the table is captured with the camera presets and the "normal" zoom. Whereas the Speaker Track function would capture the minister format-filling. Speaker Track cannot be used as an alternative, because even when others are speaking, the zoom should be on the minister. Therefor it would be great if we could allow deep Zoom of Speaker Track (Quad Cam) to use in Camera Presets/instead of standard zoom.

  • Marc Reiffenrath
  • Mar 31 2021
  • Travis McKenzie commented
    22 Feb, 2022 04:28pm

    Agreed. For my firm this is becoming quite the issue, and hopefully is fixed soon with maybe a digital zoom software update. A good question to ask Cisco design team is why with speakertrack off can the Room Kit Camera zoom in further than the Room Kit Quad Camera? The quad camera is designed for larger room setups, but is definitly lacking in this area.