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Back Button for Spaces

Example: I have countless Spaces and get 100's of updates in all the spaces.

With that said, so you click on say Space-35, read the comments/question but at the moment you are not aware of a response to provide, space is marked read

Then reading through other spaces you find a good response BUT the space name slips your mind and now you are trying to search on keywords or click countless spaces to find that Space.

I have seen this in other Apps and that there is a Back Button that remembers your Space hopping and you can use that to get back to the Space OR make the BackSpace button perform the same action if clicking in the View ALL space list.

The preferred option would be able to mark the space/comment for follow up and be able to jump back to your follow-ups but guess that is a maybe feature for the future...

  • Gerald Sowders
  • Apr 13 2021
  • Planned
  • Wade Hunter commented
    14 Apr, 2021 04:50pm

    According to the What's New in Webex article, back/forward navigation menus are being added in May. Also, you can do this today with the Alt+Arrow key shortcuts. Left/Right arrow keys navigate through recently accessed spaces. Up/Down keys navigate up and down your space list. Not sure why they don't advertise this feature as it's super useful.

    Also, today you can mark any message for follow up, and use the space filter "Flags" to quickly find them later.