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Ability to link directly to a space or a message

I learned recently that Teams (Windows) does have a handler for webexteams:// URLs and it is possible to create a link to a specific space (although not easy since it requires finding the space id). However, Teams does not support links with schemas other than http:// and https://, which means the URL would have to be posted as plaintext and copy/pasted into a browser (or distributed through email, posted on a website, etc.). Additionally, when creating a link in a Teams space using markdown format with a schema other than http or https, the display text will be shown but it will not be a clickable link.

This request is two-fold:

First, allow links in Teams for additional schemas; not just webexteams:// but also onenote:// and other popular application-specific schemas.

Second, make it trivial to generate a link to a space or a message (an option under the space menu and a button on the message hover toolbar).

In all cases, links to spaces and messages would only work for members of the target space. Others would receive an error stating they do not have access to the space.

  • Todd Roberts
  • Jun 10 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Raphael Kappos commented
    20 Feb, 2023 12:16am

    Slack, Discord and Teams all have this and it is challenging to document threads for future lookup. Please prioritize this.

  • Chris Davis commented
    19 Feb, 2023 10:52pm

    Competing products like Slack have this feature.

  • Johannes Ebner commented
    20 May, 2022 05:25am

    I agree, It would be a great feature if it would be possible to link to a specific message in a space.

  • James Fischl commented
    24 Mar, 2022 09:51pm

    Discord does it, why can't Webex?

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2022 04:19pm

    Great feature. Please also tie this into the Quote function. If I quote a message embed a link that will jump the user to the that message to get more context.

  • Wade Hunter commented
    14 Apr, 2021 08:42pm

    I just discovered that Webex now supports the webexteams:// protocol handler. Would be nice if Cisco advertised this, as I have no idea what versions this is supported on (currently works on You can click Ctrl+Shift+K in any space to copy information to the clipboard. Paste in notepad to see the results. It includes plain text links and markdown links which can now be used directly in a Webex message.

    There still needs to be a way to quickly grab this URL from a menu.

  • Guest commented
    13 Apr, 2021 09:52am

    Damn, that would be a nice feature in 2021 ;-)

  • Wade Hunter commented
    22 Mar, 2021 02:54pm

    There should also be an ability to link to a space from a message, using some special notation (similar to @ mentions), like "~My Space 123". Typing the "~" should show a list of spaces you have access to, and filter down as you type (again, similar to mentions).

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