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Enable Cisco Audio Session Tunnel(CAST) protocol for Webex App

I have an existing case that I'm working with TAC on that seems to have us all stumped. I have an existing Jabber implementation which uses Jabber Deskphone Video on each of the PCs so that the computer, which is connected to the phone, can use the CAST protocol to send and receive video with others that have webcams attached to their computers. Our organization is mainly consisted of Cisco 7900 series phones SCCP (I know, they're aging), but we still use them because they are work horses.

My question is, "Is there any way to make this similar implementation work with Webex Teams using Calling with Unified CM?" I'm not seeing any additional pieces of software out there to support this request.

When I use a CSF device calling to a 7945 desk phone which a webcam attached to the PC, all I see if a picture of a Desk Phone and the option for Start Video is not even present when using Webex Teams. If I do this same scenario and the person with the Desk Phone has Jabber controlling their desk phone, I can see their video without issue. This is due to the Jabber Deskphone Video software.

My organization really likes how Jabber uses the webcam as a function of the phone call and we're really interested in trying to get this to work with Webex Teams while still maintaining our existing Desk Phones.

  • David Sanders
  • May 4 2021
  • Will not implement
  • Jones Adam commented
    5 Oct, 2023 06:12am

    One possible solution is to explore Webex Calling and Unified CM integration options. Cisco often updates and expands its integrations, so it's worth checking their latest documentation or reaching out to Cisco support for guidance on making CAST protocol work with Webex Teams.

    Additionally, consider the evolving ecosystem of Cisco collaboration tools, as they might offer new features or solutions that align better with your requirements.

    Overall, Cisco's support and documentation, combined with the evolving nature of collaboration software, should help you find a solution to integrate CAST protocol with Webex Teams while maintaining your existing desk phones.

    @ codzgarage

  • Guest commented
    7 Oct, 2021 05:49am

    @Cisco any news?

  • Sean Scott commented
    6 Aug, 2021 04:01pm

    Yeah, Cisco really needs to implement this. Even Zoom is planning on adding this functionality to their desk phones in Q3 of this year. Cisco losing existing features while Zoom continues to pick up the slack...