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Allow modification of Presence & Status via API

We'd like the ability to modify users' Presence and/or Status as shown in the Webex [Teams] application via the API. Here's an example of how a law firm set status of their employees in Skype for Business to "Away" during off hours to promote employee wellness:

  • James Fischl
  • May 13 2021
  • Future consideration
  • John van Kaam commented
    16 Feb 08:41am

    With AutoHotKey you can make a script that can do this automatically:


    IfWinExist, ahk_exe CiscoCollabHost.exe


    WinActivate ; Automatically uses the window found above.

    Send ^f

    Send +{TAB 2}

    Send {Space}

    sleep 500

    Send ^a

    Send {Delete}

    FormatTime, WeekNumber,, WDay

    Switch WeekNumber


    Case 1:

    Send Working At Home

    Case 2,3:

    Send Working 4 Project Alfa

    Case 4,5:

    Send Working 4 Team Beta

    Case 6:

    Send Working 4 Team Gamma

    Case 7:

    Send Working At Home


    Send {TAB 5}

    Send {Space}

    Send +{TAB 2}



  • John van Kaam commented
    15 Feb 01:12pm

    Would love to show on Monday: Working for department A, Tuesday working on Project B etc.

  • Emmanuel Tychon commented
    15 Feb 10:52am

    Please add this feature - it will allow for automatic update of user status to reflect where they are (physcially) or in which meeting (title) etc... in a programmatic way.

  • Tom Straubmüller commented
    11 Jul, 2023 07:39pm

    This would be very helpful for integration WxT presence in ohter applications

  • Guest commented
    22 Sep, 2021 08:43pm

    Besides promoting wellbeing, I'd like to be able to set my own status using the REST API from a platform like Home Assistant so I can dynamically change the status to things like my "now playing" in spotify, or the current local weather, or perhaps other relevent status information- such as setting it to away automatically based on whether or not Home Assistant sees that I'm away from the house.