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Make a Toggle for Local Mute/Unmute Tone

We like the tone for accessibility but also have many reasonable complaints raised by those it annoys. Other meeting software does not have the tone and it makes adoption tougher not having a control on this. Here is an example of feedback I receive:

It's unnecessary. No other meeting platform (Teams, Zoom, even Skype!) has a mandatory signal to let us know that we are muted, and we do just fine without that!

It's distracting. Though it doesn't fully drown out the other speaker's audio, it takes attention away from it, which can make comprehension difficult for people with hearing loss and for English language learners.

It's inconvenient. Webex prides itself on being customizable, e.g., I can decide if there is a sound when people arrive/leave, so why can't I customize this basic of a setting?

  • Randall Colelli
  • May 27 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Jeremiah Rossland commented
    23 Feb 06:29pm

    Cisco Team, do we have an update on if this will be added as a feature?

  • Marek Lewandowski commented
    20 Sep, 2023 05:56am

    Waiting for this change to be added. One of the first that stood out compared to other communication apps :/ Very annoying.

  • Jones Adam commented
    6 Sep, 2023 06:08am

    Creating a toggle for the Local Mute/Unmute tone in Webex is a valid and valuable feature request. While the tone serves accessibility purposes, it's essential to accommodate users' preferences and needs. Many users find it unnecessary, distracting, or inconvenient, and this feedback reflects the importance of customization in software.

    By implementing a toggle switch to enable or disable the tone, Webex can enhance user satisfaction and make the platform more competitive with other meeting software. This feature would provide users with the flexibility to tailor their experience according to their preferences, promoting a more inclusive and user-friendly environment.

  • Rex Summers commented
    5 Sep, 2023 02:54pm

    How can this platform suck so much!!!!!??!?!?!??!?!?!??

    No wonder Zoom is so much better and widely adopted, if for years you can't do this small little change. I can only imagine the kind of engineers that end up working here, that can't even implement this after 10+ years!

  • JON NATIVIDAD commented
    25 Aug, 2023 06:31am

    please give us the option to enable or disable or even an option to change the tone of the unmute/mute button.. thank you in advance

  • Sebastian Souyris commented
    9 Aug, 2023 07:26pm

    The "beep" is a high pitch tone. It is stressful. I would much prefer not to hear any sound.

  • Łukasz Szalacha commented
    31 Jul, 2023 01:26pm

    what is the roadmap to implement this? It clearly looks like a lot of people can't stand that beep sound.

  • Timothy Carroll commented
    13 Jul, 2023 02:04pm

    This is the number one most annoying part of Webex.

  • Eivind Hagen commented
    27 Jun, 2023 06:44pm

    This is 2 years old now. Will this be implemented?

  • Jeff Serani commented
    5 Jun, 2023 07:43pm

    No other video conference software I have experienced has anything like this annoying indicator sound. Anyone, including myself, that uses external speakers broadcasts this pointless sound to the entire group. Only way around this is to remember to mute/unmute my speakers every single time I mute/unmute myself in the video call. Incredibly frustrating.

  • Jaap Vermeulen commented
    1 Jun, 2023 01:52pm

    It's indeed very loud and when using speakers audible to others in the meeting when unmuting your microphone. It's unbelievable that this is not customizable.

  • Sven Stemmer commented
    24 May, 2023 02:36pm

    Please remove the loud beep for mute/unmute. It is annoying and always very loud.

  • Guest commented
    19 May, 2023 09:36pm

    Please! Your help with this. The sound is too loud. Have your heard this with headphones? It should be possible to: toggle, set volume, change the sound.

  • Guest commented
    29 Apr, 2023 03:32am

    annoying and useless for most. The beeping also bleeds into the microphone when using across VDI, due to the beep delay coming over from VDI to my host machine (because microphone is already unmute when the beep sound gets played on my host machine) and everyone hears the beep whenever I unmute now.

  • Peak Wongcharoen commented
    17 Mar, 2023 05:07pm

    I am trying to understand why this has yet to be solved. What is the blocking?

  • Bradley Nelson commented
    9 Mar, 2023 08:19pm

    This feature makes WebEx Teams video conferences almost completely unusable for me. It's a major impediment to participating in meetings and completely unnecessary.

  • Guest commented
    8 Mar, 2023 09:06pm

    This is so incredibly annoying. I can't believe this hasn't been solved yet.

  • Matt Fury commented
    16 Feb, 2023 05:32pm

    Need this now! It's so loud being at home.

  • Yizhen Shi commented
    2 Feb, 2023 04:56pm

    Please have this future added!

  • Yizhen Shi commented
    2 Feb, 2023 04:55pm

    Please add this future!

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