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multiple participants share their screen during a Webex meeting

can you enable 2 participants in a meeting to share their screens at the same time? I would like to host a meeting and allow 2 Team members to share their screens at the same time to show two different takes on a topic & want to display their info to our broader team via Webex so you can see them together. Your competitor Zoom has this feature currently.

  • Steve Panton
  • Jun 9 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    5 Mar 02:53pm

    Need the ability for multiple participants to show their screen and be working on multiple portions of the same task during the day while markets are open. Then other teams and members can view the screen necessary for the specific portion of the project that they have questions on at any given time.

  • David Stroup commented
    11 Dec, 2023 09:45pm

    I personally use webex for proctoring students' tests at my junior college. Compared to (which my college pays a lot of money to use), the main disadvantage is that I cannot see my students' screens (do they have notes open or what-have-you). If I could have mutliple shared screens, it would solve my issue, and our college would have the choice to cut ties with ProctorU, and put academic integrity back into the hands of the professors where it belongs.

  • Guest commented
    25 Aug, 2023 09:48pm

    Would bring value for all engineering teams

  • Pam Whitaker commented
    22 Aug, 2023 01:30pm

    Would be extremely helpful in our environment when trouble shooting Jira issues. the competition seems to have an answer, please assist us with at least a secure work around solution for our firm. Thank you, an Engineer and PM

  • Manny Lenis commented
    28 Jun, 2023 07:06pm

    Network Engineer requesting this feature. Sometimes collaborating with other members on a troubleshooting call would make things easier if we can look at each others screen

  • Admin
    Chenggang Tang commented
    26 May, 2023 09:49am

    duplicated with COLLAB-I-606

  • Aaron Nord commented
    28 Apr, 2023 02:17pm

    Slack also does this and does it quite well.

  • Randall Pittman commented
    20 Jan, 2023 03:53pm

    Software developer here, definitely need this, I regularly work with my terminals and pair program while someone else controls other aspects of the same HW devices. Both screens need to be shared simultaneously for high-efficiency hybrid-work-from-home productivity.

  • Ben Myslenski commented
    18 Jan, 2023 05:11pm

    need it

  • Guest commented
    1 Dec, 2022 01:49pm

    Definitely need this feature. A person to be able to share multiple screens. Also two people able to share screens at same time. Helps in Testing and R&D cases where we cant afford to keep jumping from one tab to other.

  • Maciej Marszalek commented
    4 Aug, 2022 10:51am

    Be better than teams, be 1st to do this, this is a revolutionary idea both for

    • work environments (employees showing that they are focused on the teams meeting project, group meetings doing the same mandatory actions where everybody knows what to do)

    • educational (students sharing their screen content so other students know-how by copying or contend with them, teachers checking how users are working along the exercises)

  • Michael Andres commented
    17 Jan, 2022 01:11pm

    Please add this feature soon, it is very helpful for working in Groups while doing homeoffice.



  • Guest commented
    8 Sep, 2021 11:00pm

    This would be a great feature for peer programing also

  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2021 03:07pm

    Without this Webex will be left behind in the collaboration space....We already have to use other products.....

  • Michael Green commented
    2 Jul, 2021 03:46am
  • Nathaniel Mulvihill commented
    9 Jun, 2021 09:16pm

    we've seen this same ask from a lot of our users.