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Participant webcam snapshot preview available to host before being allowed entry in a locked meeting

As a measure to enhance security, a requirement can be toggled by the host of the meeting to require a view of small thumbnails of participant(s) waiting in the lobby if the meeting is locked. This prevents unauthorized users who masquerade as a member who's name is familiar to the group to enter the meeting. The thumbnail can be re-taken multiple times by the attendee prior to being allowed in and will never be saved anywhere localy or in the cloud to adhere with privacy concerns. This feature can be turned on/off site-wide or per session.

Sample scenario:

Prior to joining a meeting, an attendee is prompted in the pre-meeting experience to take a snapshot of themselves holding their ID badge next to them. If the meeting has not started, this snapshot will be available for the host to see who's waiting in the lobby. The host can see prior to entering/starting the meeting the thumbnails of these attendees, hover over the images to enlarge for a better view, and select who gets to enter (or Select All). If the meeting is already in progress and an attendee is waiting in the lobby, the host gets a notification along with a thumbnail of the individual(s). The host can also see how long an attendee has been waiting in the lobby.

  • Jeff Dimagmaliw
  • Jun 17 2020
  • Future consideration