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Webex Desk Pro HDMI OUT support for dual monitor setup

I am a reseller of Cisco Devices.

Our customers who bought Webex Desk Pro eager to use this function.

It's becoming a complain from some customers.

Also some customers have chosen to buy PC or other devices because they can't use the function yet and don't know when they will be able to.

So please consider implementing the function asap. thank you.

  • Guest
  • Jun 17 2021
  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2022 01:52pm

    Ben de bu özelliğin kullanımı için çabaladım ama çalışmadığını, desteklemedini gördüm. Madem desteklemiyor neden böyle bir port eklemişsiniz, sadece müşterileri yanıltıyor. Bu özellik için Samsung veya Viewsonic interaktif ekran almak gerekiyor maalesef. Cisco nun çok büyük bir ayıbı bu. Geliştiricilere duyurulur.

  • Guest commented
    17 Feb, 2022 11:44am

    The Desk Pro has been around now for nearly 2 years. Cisco promised that they would not make the same mistake as they did with the DX HDMI output. This feature was pitched for Q1 '21. A full year later and its still not there. It is embarrassing, and as a customer highly frustrating!

  • M A commented
    17 Feb, 2022 09:25am

    It's 2022 and still no dual monitor support. We enterprise IT do not have time to vote and post on improvements that much. We just move on with different devices.

    Such a shame, it seems that this is not on cisco radar.
    The same thing actually is for the cisco webex desk hub. 2 monitor support should be standard for each product that involves connecting screens... For years everybody prefer 2 monitors.

  • Avinash Shinde Patil commented
    29 Dec, 2021 08:39am

    This is ask from some of senior management staff as usecase is to replicate Dual screen setup w similar to room kit but in this case this could be Desk pro clubbed with Dell/Samsung monitor in order to view presentation and video on separate screen allowing executive to mlutitask and read emails/chat on laptop.

    We are able to do this today with Dell C series( Teams all in one monitor) as video cabpable monitor and screen 2 as Dell U series monitor for presentation and webex meeting app on laptop allows video participant to be seen on screen 1 and presentation on screen 2 in full screen mode.Just that everytime excecutive is working in office it requires him/her to connect laptop via USB-C to monitor to start meeting as BYOD setup. This is one of reason why we aren't able to push desk pro anymore.

  • Takshil Patel commented
    17 Sep, 2021 05:41pm

    Would be nice if this feature comes to the DX's as well.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jun, 2021 04:32am

    It is delayed from the 2020 schedule. We recognize it as an important feature that many customers want. I hope the development will be completed soon.

  • Masahiro Umemoto commented
    18 Jun, 2021 03:12am

    If this feature is not implemented as soon as possible, it will be a big opportunity loss. We have already suggested the possibility of selecting another company in an actual project.

  • Ryoichi Nakamura commented
    18 Jun, 2021 02:34am