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go beyond E2EE: certified conferencing accounts

Everybody is talking about E2EE in Web- and Video-Conferencing. OK.

But how to make sure, the person on the other (encrypted) end really is who she/he claims to be?

How about "Cisco Certified Conferencing-IDs" ?

I think about Validation-Certificates (?) for Webex-Accounts that allow to promise:
If you meet Mr. XYZ on Webex you are garanteed that it actually is Mr. XYZ.

The 2FA-Feature is suggested below, may become handy here...

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  • Jun 19 2020
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    19 Aug, 2020 09:11am

    Web-Sites got SSL-Certificates to encrypt traffic and to authenticate (?) the identity.

    In real-life there are similar situations where we (humans) have to show proof of our identity: crossing borders, enter restricted areas etc.

    But afaik there is no standard "certificate" for the online presence/identity of individuals.

    Since more and more communication is done via remote-presence (Video-calls etc..) there might be a need for a standardized "online passport".

    Imagine an HR-department doing job-interviews via Video-Call, or a virtual business-meeting with a new, yet unknown 3rd party? etc..

    How can they be sure, to whom (?) they are really talking to?

    I have read recently, Cisco will try to focus more on software, less on hardware.

    How about such a "People-Certificate for remote-Presence" as a (commercial) service based on open standards?

    Ranging from free to "Platinum" - with increasing levels of security:


    Free: the eMail-Address exists and a monthly captcha (or something similar) was answered correctly.

    Basic ($): free + PhoneNumber verified by Robo-PhoneCall (! mind the GDPR!)

    Gold ($$): Basic + monthly Robo-VideoCall answered and Picture of face taken, (! mind the GDPR!)

    Platinum ($$$): Gold + Fingerprint taken (! mind the GDPR!)

    the Certificate-Level will be shown as a badge in some place the user can not fake. (= not part of the Video-Feed etc.)