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Scientific Conference mode

At scientific conferences, sessions are important, but informal discussions during breaks are much more important. Many conferences are currently being held by conferencing softwares such as Webex. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate informal discussions during breaks. With Webex Teams, if you register participants and give each user a space in advance, you can easily conduct informal discussions such as during breaks. At that time, it is necessary to add a function (entry permission/prohibition button) that allows you to easily change whether to allow or disallow entry during the discussion. If you enable it, someone will be able to join the discussion without your permission. When you go to a person's space, you need an absence sign in your own space, so you need an (absent button). And the most important feature is the map function, which shows who is discussing where in the whole space. Of course, it is not displayed on the map unless the user of each space turns it on. And finally, the feature we need is a feature that encourages everyone to withdraw from the map and return to the venue when the next session begins. I hope that it will be possible if you develop based on the current Webex Teams.

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  • Jun 21 2020
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