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Bring back Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H shortcut to hide meeting controls while sharing

Until recently, there was an accessibility feature in Webex Meetings and Events that, when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H would "In meetings, hide the meeting controls, panels, and notifications while sharing". As of today, it's still documented on the Webex Help Center (screenshot attached).

This was super useful, especially when screen-sharing your browser with a few tabs open, where the orange "control bar" gets in the way of navigating around the middle of the screen. Many of our colleagues regularly have this use case and utilised the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H shortcut.

Then, in April's Webex Meetings update, the shortcut stopped working. :( There was no announcement from Cisco, and the Default Keyboard Shortcutspage still included it.

We opened a TAC with Cisco and we were finally told this week that the shortcut has actually been removed, but the docucmentation was not updated yet. Workarounds suggested include:

  • Use the Ctri+Shift+Q shortcut to Show or hide the meeting controls]

    • But this is no good, as it also hides the video panel, which was not the case with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H.

  • Use the Chrome "Search tabs" feature, to quickly navigate to tabs hidden by the Control Bar.

    • But this relys on Chrome, when it's a Webex limitation.

Also, no explanation as to "why" this shortcut was removed, when many colleagues (at least at our large enterprise) use it regularly.

So.... my "idea" ;-) is:

Please re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H in Webex Meetings and Events.


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  • Jun 24 2021