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Webex app w/ UCM calling, option to remove participants in conference

In jabber you had the option to remove people from a conference call by right clicking their name/number and hitting "remove". Webex app with UCM calling does not have this feature, if you start a conference call the only way to remove someone is to have them drop. In the conference call it does have a "..." icon next to participant names and it reacts when you click it like a menu should appear but nothing happens. This is a problem for our billing department because they conference patients and insurance companies together to sort out billing problems and sometimes the insurance companies IVR goes to a voicemail and now the agent has to hang up with the patient and call them back. Not a big deal for the agent but the patient is usually irritated already due to billing issues.

  • Nathaniel Mulvihill
  • Jul 7 2021
  • Manny P commented
    17 Aug, 2021 07:17pm

    We have this problem also, Jabber provided this simple feature, which for some reason it was missed on the WebexApp. In our case translation companies don't want to drop the call, because they get paid by the minute, and we have to keep them on the call paying unnecesary translation services.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul, 2021 03:27pm

    This is a huge miss by Cisco on the webex app. If you conference from jabber or physical phone you have the ability to remove a party from the call. I think adding an expel option is critical because what if you conference in the wrong person or if you need someone to hang up but they refuse. So many scenarios we can come up with that would highlight the need for this feature.