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Ignore special characters when generating default avatars

If no avatar is available, WT seems to attempt to create an acronym out of the first and the last part of the name. This works if the name was manually changed to "GivenName LastName" or even "GivenName1 GivenName2 LastName". But it does not work if the regular Active Directory format is used like "LastName, GivenName (INIT)".

Please let WT check for that pattern in order to get rid of acronyms like "Z(". Here is the according RegExp to be used:

^([A-Za-z]).*\\, ([A-Za-z]).* \\(.*\\)$

To be replaced by


Only if the pattern was not found, the current method has to be used.

By the way: The argument that one should rename the own account in WT is not valid. 97% of the users won´t do it anyway, and even if you do, it is reset from time to time. So the standard case is the Directory default format which has to be handled properly.

Thanks a lot.

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  • Jul 13 2021
  • Future consideration