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Add EAN, +E.164 Alternate Number, Directory URIs, PSTN Failover sections to Hunt Pilot config

In Communications Manager, add EAN, +E.164 Alternate Number, Directory URI, and PSTN Failover sections to Hunt Pilots configuration, identical to the same sections available in the Directory Number configuration, so it has those same capabilities to advertise Numbers to Local Route Partitions and URIs on the same cluster or Advertise Globally via ILS.

A workaround currently exists by putting Hunt Pilots into a separate CSS/Partition combination, building a Directory Number with those added Number or URI advertisements, and Forward All to the matching Number and Calling Search Space combination of the Hunt Pilot, but this is duplicative work that should be done from the Hunt Pilots config page .

Hunt Pilots are categorized as a different number type than Directory Numbers, but it can be viewed and accessed like any other Patterns in the Route Plan Report, which shows all pattern types.

Adding the same Number local and ILS advertisement options -- as well as (up to 5) SIP URIs in a Directory URIs section would allow established Hunt Pilot numbers to be advertised to the local and remote clusters in the same fashion as Directory Numbers, without double entries. Beyond Numeric advertisements, it will be more and more likely to desire to advertise a URI on which to receive Hunt Group calls: for example.

Note that AAR settings section already exists in Hunt Pilots config, similar to Directory Number config.

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  • Jul 16 2021