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Pin Board for Meetings

It would be useful to have a "pin board" in the Meetings application where text, content could be posted. In long meeting sessions that run for hours (planning, troubleshooting sessions, etc) what is missing is a way to have a content or screen sharing session running, and to the side have a single panel where a "catch up scroll" or other important information can be kept. A "pin board" would allow the host and cohosts to provide those joining a session in progress the information they need to know in order to get caught up and contribute to the conversation at hand in a valuable way instead of potentially adding questions and discussion that have already been covered. The option to display a timer has also been mentioned as many times those joining a lengthy session want to ask "how long has this been running". Content contributed to the pin board could be text primarily or initially but not necessarilly limted to just text. The first things we have thought of that would be valuable are short texts comprising of notes or highlights (Webex Assistant) but images or whiteboards that were shared to or "sent to pin board" would be welcome as well. With Webex Assistant highlights, the ability for the host or cohost to click a button in the highlights panel to "send to pin board" and edit the text either in flight (on its way to the pin board) or after its been added to the pin board would also be valuable.

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  • Jul 22 2021
  • Future consideration