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Add option to create custom tabs along with standard in Webex

Many of us have large number of chats and spaces with very few ways to group and organize them in Webex.

Due to this large number it would be an invaluable feature to have an option to create a custom-named tab with an ability to group only required spaces and chats under it.

  • Zenovii Kharkhalis
  • Jul 29 2021
  • Planned
  • Roger Oliver commented
    15 Jul, 2023 08:00pm

    This would be amazing! Any insight into where this is in the timeline?

  • Tejendra Negi commented
    2 Mar, 2022 03:16pm

    I have mutilple customers to manage and multiple spaces for each customer. It would be helpful to group these spaces by cu name, to prioritze which messages I want to read first. And then there are so many genereal spaces for products/teams etc.

  • Adam Stechschulte commented
    25 Feb, 2022 07:57pm

    And the ability to set notification preferences at the group level. I have numerous spaces that are used for general notifications.

    Rather than adding tabs, another option might be to group them in the sidebar under a single heading and expand/collapse the heading to see the individual spaces.

  • Kris Donate commented
    26 Aug, 2021 01:37pm

    Or sort/organize within the lists. It's surprising the Spaces associated with a single team are not grouped. Grouping them together seems like it should be the default.

    Or within the lists themselves, add grouping.