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Pinning content in WebEx Teams space

Ability to pin files or messages to the top of the message window independent of scrolling in the the space

  • or a space banner where a message or file can be posted

  • John Mathew
  • Jun 25 2020
  • Shipped
  • Dawn Smith commented
    9 Jun, 2021 12:26pm

    @FreddieTimmins - what does "shipped" mean? I assume it means implemented! (I hope so - so exciting!) Also, where can we find material on how this functions?

  • Guest commented
    8 Jun, 2021 08:58am

    Couple more important feature to be added IMO -
    1. Tagging a message or thread in a space, we can search by tag to get the content around messages/threads
    2. Ability to create user groups in a space. let us say if we have a group of 10 people in a space, if I wanted to tag a set of people today i need to tag them individually rather if we can have an ability to add people into a group, i can tag that group so that everyone in that group can be notified.

  • Verónica de Santos commented
    4 May, 2021 04:26pm

    This is very much needed.

    It would also be very useful to have a “Notes” tab in the top line where the “Messages”, “People” and “Content“ tabs are.

  • Freddie Timmins commented
    18 Jan, 2021 09:55am

    Thanks for the feedback, this feature is planned for Q2CY21

  • Maurice O'Connell commented
    15 Jan, 2021 09:13pm

    This would be great for projects . Microsoft teams has this but could be done better hopefully in webex teams...""

  • Guest commented
    4 Jan, 2021 03:37pm

    One very crucial missing feature in my opinion!