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691929119 Webex Missing Auto-Answer feature

UC-One Communicator has an Auto-Answer feature that enables our customers a way to handle calls with minimal touch. Even on outgoing, click-to-dial calls whenever an application utilizes that. So that all incoming calls are automatically answered and if there is an outbound click-to-dial call made, it just goes out without any need of having to manually answer the call in UC-One Communicator.

This is accomplished with a tag and only works if UC-One is the Primary device, under Addresses of the User Profile. I’ve attached a how-to document that illustrates the components to make it work. But my focus here today is on how this tag doesn’t work with Webex in any configuration I set it up in.




The “true” enables the feature while the default is “false” (per our configurations) if no tag is present and can be used at the Group or User level tag-sets.

Unfortunately, we understand that UC-One is nearing end-of-life and that the idea is to move to Webex. Which we are currently setting up for deployment and migrations from UC-One to it.

We fear that when we migrate our UC-One communicator customers to Webex, they are going to suddenly lose this ability. This will severely impact those customers as there are entire Call Centers set up with these minimal touch methods.

I’ve searched documentation and I cannot find a Webex equivalent at this time. I have tried all manners of configurations with Webex to replicate it and I cannot manage it. So I put in a ticket (691929119) asking whether or not this is possible and how to accomplish it.

However, they are stating that Webex simply doesn't have it and that I need to put in a feature request.

We're hoping that this is just an oversight in Webex development and are hoping for a fairly quick turn-around on adding this feature so that customers don't lose it upon migrations to the newer application.

  • Hoblit
  • Aug 9 2021
  • Shipped
  • Guest commented
    28 Sep, 2023 08:40pm

    I confirmed with Webex TAC that this feature is not available for 8841 endpoint devices but is available for CUCM on premise.

  • Admin
    Paul Soukup commented
    16 Jun, 2022 06:49pm

    Support for Remote Control Events package is coming in the July release.

  • zane england commented
    11 Feb, 2022 12:53am

    Is there any documentation on how to use auto-answer-after also is there any ETA for emote control events

  • Hoblit commented
    25 Jan, 2022 10:37pm

    Is there maybe a detail sheet on this so that I can better understand what to expect from this added feature. I'm unable to get it to work and I do not see any settings that can be adjusted so I'm looking for a better understanding of what the enhancement is, specifically and how to utilize it.

    • Hoblit

  • Hoblit commented
    21 Jan, 2022 04:46pm

    I do not see a way for this to work and I believe I’ve looked through all of the settings. Direct calls to my number while Webex is the only ‘device’ registered are not being automatically answered.

    (and my outbound test calls suggest that it is not working via click to dial / auto-answer settings from other software requests to do so)

    May I ask how to enable it?

    - Hoblit | Network Engineer IV (MVSIP)
    813.321.1013 (Anywhere!)
    9300 Arrowpoint Blvd | Charlotte, NC 28273

  • Admin
    Paul Soukup commented
    14 Jan, 2022 10:57pm

    This went into production in the 41.12 (December) release of the Webex desktop app.

  • Guest commented
    13 Jan, 2022 07:23pm

    When is this coming to production?

  • Admin
    Paul Soukup commented
    6 Oct, 2021 10:47pm

    We are first adding support for auto-answer-after=0 for click to dial to auto-answer in some cases, this is coming soon. Then later are adding support for the remote control events as requested.