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Give me an option to fixate my speaker/mic/camera settings. No automatic change, no matter what.

This would benefit everyone who use more peripheral devices than just simply her/his laptop.

I use a cisco-supplied laptop. It has internal speakers/mic/camera. I also have external devices. Monitor with speakers, usb-webcam with mic, external audio system, etc.

80% of the time, when I start or answer a video or audiocall, or join a meeting, webex has changed my speaker- and/or mic-settings. Every, and I mean every conversation and meeting starts with "can you hear me?" or "I can't hear you". It's crazy. It makes everyone look unprofessional.

I know what mic, speakers and camera I want to use. I always want to use them. I don't need webex to try and be smart and mess with my settings. I want an option to fixate those settings. No matter what happens, no matter which devices get plugged in or out, I don't want settings to change. Ever.

So my proposal:

1) Add a button in the settings that says: "never automatically change my mic/speakers/cam settings".

2) You can keep the default-setting for that new option at: "change settings whenever webex feels like it". I don't care. As long as I can fixate settings.

3) Maybe whenever some makes a call, or joins a meeting, and settings were changed from what they were at the last conversation, show a popup to inform the user. Show old settings and new settings to make it clear what happened.

4) If you don't like 3), make it optional. You can make the default to not show changes. I bet most users will enable it.

5) When the option from 1) is enabled (never automatically change my settings), then in the mic/speakers/cam menu, add a button "let webex determine what mic/speakers/camera are best at this moment". If a user gets lost, and can't get his mic, speakers or camera to work, they can click that and webex will find the optimal settings. But only at the user's request, never automatically.

Thanks. This new little feature will make my life a little easier. And it will help me not to look like an idiot at the start of every meeting or conversation. From talking to my colleagues, I am far from the only one who would like to fixate his settings.


  • Guest
  • Aug 12 2021
  • Already exists
  • Guest commented
    6 Oct, 2021 08:17am

    The settings are working. As I wrote, the problem is that webex changes the settings when it think devices have changed. I don't want that.

    Because it is a laptop, because I switch monitors, because I switch usb-devices, webex thinks devices have become unavailable and change settings to devices that are available. When those original devices, that I prefered, come back, webex does not change the settings back to my original preferences.

    This is terrible. It does not only happen to me, it happens to lots of people. Because the first sentence in a webex conversation or meeting is always "can you hear me? can you say something so I can check if I can hear you". Because people know that mic/speakers can change any time. If you can fixate your settings, that would prevent this confusion before every conversation.

  • Admin
    Manali Dongre commented
    6 Oct, 2021 12:33am

    We already have Audio Video settings which get used. IS that not working for you>