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Allow sharing on a Cisco RoomKit while not actively being in a meeting and/or have the ability to have a RoomKit be added as a co-host on meetings

There are situations where users want to be able to share content on a Cisco RoomKit without first being joined to a meeting. Along with this, the ability to add a conference room as a co-host on a meeting would also be helpful.

TAC's response to this is that since the Workspace/device endpoints are not viewed as users they cannot be assigned the same permissions as Webex sharing to/from the device without being in an active in a call/meeting. We tried creating a separate Webex account for the conference room email address, but that did not work; probably because that email address is tied to a room resource in O365/Exchange.

Cisco's solution for this currently is to use proximity sharing, but we have found the performance of it is not too good. General screen sharing works, but when you need to use the mouse cursor there is a significant lag; to the point where it is almost unusable.

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  • Aug 13 2021